Philip Schubert Photography

Philip Schubert Photography is a celebration of a life long love affair with photography by Philip.

Philip’s first photograph was taken in 1962 on a “Baby Empire Camera” that cost 35 cents.

When the first film was developed the results were very surprising from such a young person and such a rudimentary camera and served to create a life long love affair with photography. 

Throughout the rest of his early life and through his middle ages he kept a continuous record of his life and the environment around him through his photography.

Many of his earlier pictures now form a unique historical record are showcased on a Flickr Website and in the National library through the TROVE website

In recent years though practise, hard work and dedication he has moved from taking pictures  to making images. 

This site features only his contemporary landscape images and reveal a creative talent that has been developing rapidly. His images now feature in many magazines, journals and are starred in many web photo sharing sites.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

“I record what is there through the medium of  a camera and attempt express my feelings for a place  in the making of an image that truly reflects the spirit of place.”

Philip Schubert 2011